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Your message is important. Communicate it clearly with ZionWorx 2014

From the streamlined user experience to the first-class presentation, ZionWorx 2014 is the most usable presentation software available.  Absolutely bursting with clever, time-saving features, such as:

      Simple drag and drop interface  
      CCLI song import and CCLI usage reports
      Bible Gateway and Powerpoint integration
      Live video presentation from multiple sources
      And much much more . . .

So simple and easy-to-use, you can get up and running quickly with ZionWorx!


How can I get it?

You can download a fully functional 60 day trial version here to test and confirm whether ZionWorx meets your needs. At the end of the trial period (or before) you can purchase a licence here. This licence will unlock the software. 




Playlist Packaging

Easily transport full playlists including required media from one computer to another without worrying whether you 'have everything'. Prepare at home and take to church.

PowerPoint Integration

Supports PowerPoint versions from 2007 through to 2013. Display PowerPoint shows smoothly integrated with the other visual items for disruption free presentation. Easily fade from a PowerPoint slide to a video and back to PowerPoint.

Import Songs From External Sources

Simple import process to load songs from other presentation software and CCLI formatted files and even has a good attempt at importing the contents of plain text files. Get up and running quickly with ZionWorx.

Any Video, Any Image

With ZionWorx, any video, audio or image file can be used without dependency on anything else being installed on the computer. All the required audio/video codecs are fully integrated within the software itself. So if someone turns up with a video from their mobile phone or tablet… no problem!

Song Usage Reports

No more stress preparing your annual CCLI report! Use ZionWorx to export details of all the songs used between 2 dates you specify.

Adaptive Text Layout

Whatever resolution you present with ZionWorx adapts the size of the text to be proportional to the height of the display. Ideal for multi-site situations where you prepare on one computer and have to display in a different location with a different resolution.

Powerful Theme Engine

Multiple layers of individually controllable content give you control of your presentation. Customise the text properties for each song section and display with full anti-aliased graphics.

Live Video Inputs Supporting Text Overlay

Present any live video source accessible to the computer through ZionWorx as a background to text or as a VJ setup switching between multiple video sources at presentation time.

Instant Alerts

Display messages to the congregation with configurable popup alert messages. Bible references, the preacher's name or nursery alerts - so many uses for this feature.



Would your church benefit from feature-rich, easy-to-use presentation software?  
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